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🎨 Welcome to Zefat Art 🌟

Nestled in the heart of Zefat, where cultural heritage meets artistic vitality, Zefat Art invites you on a voyage of creativity and passion. Born from the cobblestone streets and vibrant artist community, our space is a unique haven dedicated to celebrating the artistry that defines this enchanting city.

🌈 Inspiration and Inception: Rooted in the profound beauty of Zefat, our inspiration was simple yet powerful—to create a space where art transcends boundaries, connecting individuals through the universal language of creativity.

💡 Values and Mission: At Zefat Art, our values are anchored in the belief that art has the power to inspire, connect, and transform. Our mission is to foster creativity, support local artists, and create a global platform resonating with art enthusiasts.

🎭 Emotional Connection: Embark on an emotional odyssey as you explore Zefat Art. Each brushstroke and color palette invites you to experience art beyond an exhibition—it's a journey of emotions.

🏆 Key Achievements/Milestones: Our journey is marked by milestones, reflecting our growth and commitment to the art community. From local galleries to global expansion, each achievement is a testament to the incredible talent we curate.

🌟 Brand Personality: Zefat Art is an experience, not just an exhibition. Our voice echoes inclusivity, creativity, and appreciation for diverse art forms. We speak in colors, textures, and the unspoken narratives resonating within the art community.

🎨 Target Audience: Zefat Art welcomes all art enthusiasts, from seasoned collectors to curious explorers. Whether local or global, our platform captivates and connects with those who appreciate the beauty in every creation.

🚀 Call to Action: Join our artistic journey! Explore the gallery, connect with artists, and be part of the Zefat Art community. Your support fuels our passion, writing vibrant chapters in the story of Zefat Art. 🌟🖼 #ZefatArt #ArtisticJourney

Yehoyada Chen Bauch


I am Yehoyada Chen Baruch, a native of Safed. In collaboration with my companions, we have embarked on this project with the noble aim of elevating Safed's art to greater recognition. Following my service in key technological roles in the military, I resolved to leverage the skills I acquired and apply them to enrich everything I hold dear about "Safed" across all its dimensions: art, spirit, creativity, and enchantment.

You are cordially invited to partake in this odyssey, which seeks to narrate our collective story.

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Michael Cohen


Greetings and a heartfelt welcome!

I am Michael Cohen, born in the picturesque city of Safed. Over the past few years, we envisioned this project to spotlight the artistry of Safed. Following my national service, I resolved to take a significant stride in support of my dearest place in the world - "Safed," celebrated for its multifaceted charm: art, spirit, creativity, and enchantment.

You are cordially invited to partake in this odyssey that will narrate our shared story.

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